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10th Planet

Scientists have discovered a 10th planet in our solar system. This planet is far away from Pluto, and is said to be 97 times further away from the Sun than Earth. You can even see the discovered planet through a telescope. However, it will not appear to you as more than a small glimmer of light. Scientists seem confident that the 10th planet is larger than Pluto. At the moment, the planet is known as 2003 UB313. An official name for the planet will be released soon by the International Astronomical Union.

This planet is a “scattered-disk object.” This means the 10th planet was moved into its high orbit by a massive object sometime in history. Since no one was searching for planets in such a high orbit (44 degrees) the 10th planet was simply waiting on us to discover her. The yet unnamed 10th planet orbits the sun every 560 years.

With the discovery of the 10th planet, textbooks around the world will have to be rewritten. Children will have to learn a new way of remembering the order of the planets. In the past, many children remembered the order of the planets by the sentence “My very excited Mother just served us nine pizzas.” The beginning letter of each work represented a planet. The word “my” represents Mars. The word “very” represents Venus, and so forth.

The discovery of the 10th planet is one of the biggest things to happen since the discovery of Pluto. As technology increases it will be interesting to see what other discoveries are made in our solar system and beyond. The importance of astronomy cannot be emphasized enough as we learn about the universe we live in.

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