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Eclipses are well-known astronomy events. Lunar eclipses occur when the moon is full. It passes through the earth's shadow and is darkened. A solar eclipse occurs when the new moon moves between the sun and the earth. You should never look directly at a solar eclipse. The sun's rays still shoot our from around the moon and it can greatly damage your eyes.

Another astronomy event involves meteoroids. Meteoroids are pieces of space debris. Meteoroids come in various sizes. They can be minuscule or up to 2/3 of a mile across. Once meteoroids enter the earth's atmosphere they are called “meteors.” When the Earth passes through a cluster of meteoroids, it is referred to as a meteor shower. Many times these meteoroids are debris from a comet trail. There are several meteor showers which can be observed throughout the year. They are deemed as awesome astronomy events to view. It is possible to view upwards of a hundred meteors shooting through the sky.

There are thousands of small meteors which strike the earth's surface every year. Most are so small and they are not noticed. However, large meteorites have struck the earth. Of these, one weighed 66 tons and was found in Africa. Another meteorite weighed more than 15 tons and was discovered in Oregon. One meteorite landed in Arizona thousands of years ago. All that remains is a huge crater which is 4000 feet wide and 570 feet deep. Fortunately for us, large meteoroids striking the earth are not regular occurrences.

If you are interested in astronomy events, you can find many informational sites on the Internet. Here you can find logs of pending astronomy events, as well as pictures and information of previous astronomy events. Invest in a good telescope and plan to view the next astronomy event. It will be worth waiting for.

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Astronomy Events

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