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Every parent should strongly consider an astronomy gift for their child this holiday season. It is good to develop a hobby in a child, and astronomy is a hobby that educates them while they have fun. If you do purchase a telescope as an astronomy gift, you should guide your child in how to use it and you should become involved with them as they begin their new hobby. This will ensure they do not get frustrated, or lose interest.

You need to learn with your child how to use a telescope. You need to learn how to find things to look at in the sky. You need to also look around your area for an astronomy club which you and your child can enroll in. This will give you and your child both an astronomy gift. The comradery you will feel among other parents and children will go far in keeping you motivated. It is also good to work with people who have more experience with astronomy, as they can show you things you may not ordinarily know.

When you give your child an astronomy gift such as a telescope, you should never go out and buy the most expensive telescope you can find. You should choose a telescope that is of good quality, yet affordable. As your child's interest grows you can add different eyepieces and equipment. In addition to a telescope, astronomy gifts can include a beginners star gazing book, a planisphere, and a dim or red flashlight.

It can't be emphasized enough that the best astronomy gift you can give your child is your time, attention and involvement with their new hobby. It helps to build a strong bond and you will be creating lasting memories.

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