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The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990. It is a telescope which is based in space, 380 miles above the Earth. The Hubble Telescope has greatly expanded our knowledge of space. It has confirmed the existence of black holes. It has educated scientists about the birth and death of stars, and given us much information about our galaxy.

When the Hubble Telescope was first launched, it had a small defect in regards to focus. The defect was extremely small, however it made viewing objects difficult. A service mission was launched to repair the defect. The plan is to service the Hubble Telescope every three years to keep it at optimal performance levels.

The information that comes to us from the Hubble telescope is digitized. This has to be converted by computers into photographs. The pictures and images that are taken by the Hubble Telescope are not normally released to the general public until after one year. This allows scientists and researchers the opportunity to study and document the information. So, while the information gathered by the Hubble telescope is not “top secret” it does take a while before the public is informed of the information.

Occasionally there are images or photos which are released to the general public almost immediately. This normally occurs when a new piece of equipment has been installed. This is done to assure the public that the Hubble Telescope is indeed in good working condition. However, it is important to note there are numerous images which are never “officially” released to the public. Many of these are images of things which are only of interest to scientists and researchers. However, you can go to the official Hubble Data Archive on the Internet to view these photos.

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