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Is there someone on your gift giving list who has everything? Are you stumped every holiday or gift giving occasion about what to give them? Name a star after them! When you go through the many services that allow you to name stars, and you choose to name a star after your loved one, it will defiantly be a gift they will never forget.

You don't ever have to fear that you will be told that all the stars are taken. There are countless stars in the universe. There are more than enough to go around. You can even pick which star you would like to have named after you or your loved one. If it is not taken, it is yours. Simply get on the Internet and find a “name a star” provider. They can let you know which stars are available.

When you name a star, it is important you understand that the name will not be officially recognized by the scientific community. The International Astronomical Union is the only group can officially name a star. When you name a star for your loved one, it is more of a symbolic gesture of your love and devotion. It shows your loved one that you are willing to go to the recesses of space to show them how much you love them.

So, who can you name a star after? How about the elders in your family? The younger family members can pool their money and name a star for grandma or grandpa. You can also name a star for your children. You can give them a telescope with their certificate, so they can find their stars. You can also name a star after your romantic partner. This will show him or her the depths of your adoration and it will be a gift that he or she will cherish the remainder of their life.

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