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Star Trek

Star Trek hit the public in the 1960s when space exploration was just beginning. It captured the viewing audience as no show had done before. Viewers tuned in from week to week to see where the Enterprise was heading next under the leadership of Captain Kirk. Star Trek took viewers to places where they had never gone before.

The first episode of Star Trek aired on September 8, 1965. This first show had us traveling with Captain Kirk and his crew to planet M-113 to deliver supplies. It so happens that an old flame of Dr. McCoy's resides on this planet with her husband, Dr. Robert Crater. They are supposedly the only known inhabitants of M-113, as they are there exploring ruins. Upon arrival, the good doctor Crater tells McCoy that all they need are salt tablets. However, Captain Kirk insists that the couple boards the Enterprise for physicals.

As with any Star Trek story, you have to have a beautiful woman who confuses one of the main characters. Nancy Crater doesn't let the viewer down. In fact, McCoy feels his past feelings for her resurrecting and he seems oblivious to the fact that her physical appearance has not changed in all the years they have been apart.

While McCoy is falling under the spell of Nancy Carter, Kirk and Spock discover that there is a creature on planet M-113. This creature can change itself into whatever “illusion” it wants to take, based upon the information it gathers from its victims mind. In this instance, the creature has taken the form of Nancy Crater, McCoy's old girlfriend. This creature cannot live without salt and uses humans as its source of sodium.

If you want to know the ending of this Star Trek episode, tune in to Star Trek which is shown around the world on various networks. Star Trek promoted the love for astronomy in many young people who later went on to become scientists and astronomers. As these youngsters gazed at the stars through their telescopes, they dreamed of one day discovering new planets and stars like those aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

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