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Explore the galaxy and new discoveries the Spitzer Space Telescope has found throughout space.

Canada - France - Hawaii - Telescope Corporation . View spectacular images and animation of Comet Tempel 1 and much much more.

Read about how the Hobby-Ederly Telescope was designed and constructed with a unique objective: to gather a very large amount of light.

Find out about the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope, which when taken into space can capture images of distant objects that telescopes on the earth's surface cannot see.

Learn about the Automated Patrol Telescope which is a wide field CCD imaging telescope.

Learn about telescopes and the many different types, as well as how they work.

Check out the Bradford Robotic Telescope which has been completely rebuilt and is operating in a new dome.

The Very Large Telescope Project - ESO is building the world's largest optical telescope array.

Revolution in Telescope Design - learn about the largest light gathering telescope ever built.

Stars and Planetary Systems - This site has information on planet formation, stellar evolution, star formation, and planet detection.

History of Telescopes - The 100-inch telescope of the Mount Wilson Observatory. An international Hisorical Mechanical Engineering Landmark.

Allen Telescope Array - RAL Configuration Science Requirements for the Allen Telescope Array.

Discover the history of the telescope and binoculars from various abstracts and papers.

Learn how to build a telescope based on the first one invented through simple to follow illustrations.

Learn the history of the telescope from the inspiration behind it and how it works.

Find out about the UK Schmidt Telescope, which is a special purpose camera, a survey telescope with a very wide-angle field of view.

Find out about the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, which is one of the nation's oldest and largest amateur astronomy clubs.

Discover what the Dark Matter Telescope is, which is also referred to as a Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

Learn all about the Effelsberg 100-m Radio Telescope. Get information to call for proposals, observing times, system infos, and more.

Astronomy/Astrophysics- Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope is operated by the School of Physics of the Universty of Sydney.

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