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Our universe comprises every star, planet, galaxy, satellite, and solar system. It is an awesome and beautiful place and should be viewed with a telescope. It is interesting to watch the constellations as they “rotate” while it is truly the Earth which is rotating.

Using your telescope you can zoom in on the North Star. All of the stars seem to revolve around Polaris, or the North Star. What is interesting about the North Star is that it never rises or sets. It simply stays put, and it is in the same position each and every night. The North Star is located directly above the earth's axis or rotation, referred to as celestial poles, or the poles of heaven.

The stars which appear to rotate around the North Star are known as circumpolar stars. These stars are so far away from us here on Earth that we can actually keep up with their movement and apparent rotation. The North Star is not viewable below the equator. However, if you are anywhere on the Northern Hemisphere, you can see it and many of the circumpolar stars. There are certain stars you will only be able to see during specific times of the year, even with your telescope. It all depends upon where the Earth is in its travel around the Sun.

Everyone should own a telescope. It is a great hobby, and it is also an educational tool. When you have a telescope you and your family and friends can get together regularly for great star gazing and fun. Having a telescope in the family will also promote a love for science and astronomy in your youngsters.

If you suffer from macular degeneration, Enhanced Vision can provide you with low vision devices to help you see clearly again.

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