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The Planet Earth

Anyone looking at the planet earth from space would see a beautiful, blue and white ball suspended in the sky. The blue on planet earth are oceans, and the white are the clouds which surround our planet. The planet earth is the only planet in our solar system which can support life. As you learn more about the planets through the study of astronomy and science, it will make you appreciate the planet earth.

The earth is placed in space at just the right spot. If the planet earth were a little closer to the sun, it would burn up. If it were a little further away from the sun, the earth would freeze. The atmosphere which surrounds earth is made up of mostly nitrogen with about 20% oxygen. This is the perfect combination of gases which is needed for us to breathe. The planet earth is surrounded by a layer of oxygen which protects the earth from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays

The planet earth has a moon. Many think the earth's moon looks like a sponge or block of cheese with the naked eye. The surface of the moon is pock marked with millions of craters. Some of these craters are as small as a child's ball, while others are miles wide and miles deep. There are mountain surfaces on the moon which are higher than the mountains on the planet earth.

The moon revolves around the earth. It takes almost 30 days for the moon to complete a full cycle. As the moon makes it revolution, we see various sizes and shapes of the moon. Many people do not know that we only see the same side of the moon at all times. The other side that is hidden from our view is referred to as the “dark side of the moon.”

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